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Escape Game Franchising:

An Exciting Business Opportunity!

Room Escape Games are one the most popular attraction venues on the market and with one of the fastest growing customer bases. We at ESCAPE SAVANNAH ( and our Partners ) understand the full spectrum of your Escape Game franchising requirements from room creation to customer acquisition, retention and stimulating return business to your new attractions.


With Franchising, takes all the guess work and ineffective use of time are avoided. As a New Escape Game Business Owner you can focus on opening the store sooner and start making money rather than trying to find exactly the right formula that works. Opening a franchise store takes about 2 - 3 months from signing to opening and we can help you make that as streamlined as possible. We at ESCAPE SAVANNAH (and our partners)offer a full service Turn Key approach to getting you started in your new business!


We offer a diverse Library of Escape Games to choose from including: Generation 2 and 3 Games as well as our very profitable and popular Immersive Games.

What is an Immersive Room Escape Game?

Immersive games place your staff in the role of “Cast Members” and directly into the Game Play. Utilising a “Cast Members” approach provides a more exciting and real life experience for your participants. Staff are costumed and begin each game by telling a story of the scenario in character. Often Staff “Cast Members” are placed in the game itself to enhance the experience even more. ( 1-2 Cast members are required for each game ) 

Sample Game Titles Available:

Immersive Games

  • Escape The Haunted Room

  • Escape From Pirate island 


Generation 2 and 3 Games

  • Zombie Escape

  • lady Gaga Apartment

  • The Bachelor Party

  • Asylum

  • The Bomb

  • Mad Scientist

  • Cyber Crash

  • The Haunting

Immersive Games


"Enter a Victorian room filled with items from a long dead little girl and her cruel mother. You have one hour to uncover the mysteries behind her tragic death and escape the room before you suffer a similar fate."


"Avast ye matey! Join a rag-tag crew of pirates in their merry tavern! But beware, not all pirates be allies. Prepare yer wits to escape the pirate’s hold in under an hour or sleep with the fishes."

Other Available Games

"Just one drink"
"A situation to defuse"
"Hacking Crash Course"
"You can't escape until it does"

What You Get When You Purchase Your Games From:





( and our partner group )

  • Consulting Start to Finish on your Escape Games

  • Provide/Install Quality Escape Games 

  • Fast Start-up  60-90 days

  • Easy to use ipad based game Management program

  • Marketplace Credibility & Ratings

  • Efficient Management of Business

  • Marketing & Sales Assistance

  • Corporate / Group Planning

  • No Royalty Fees

  • Lease Assistance

  • Additional Game Income

  • Affordable Packages to fit your budget

Call Today!

We will discuss escape game franchising opportunities and find a unique solution that works for you and all of your business needs.


Contact us

at: 912-665-5527  or email

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