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Your group will be locked inside a fully immersive game room by your ghost or pirate guide. You have one hour to decipher the clues and puzzles in the room that will help you escape!

Guide to a Fun Experience

1. Feel free to show up with a drink in hand but be prepared to chug it in the reception area because no drinks are allowed in the game! 

2. Gather items, find codes, and solve puzzles to find the key and escape the room.

3. Work as a team to find your way out.

4. No photos in the room, there will be plenty of time for selfies when (if) you escape!

5. The door to the room closes on the hour. Please arrive 15 minutes early. If you are late to your game you may re-schedule but there are no refunds. 

6. If you don't escape within the hour we will send a rescue party after you to get you out.

7. Don't break the room! These are haunted objects and if you break anything you will forever be haunted by the poltergeist you release!

8. Be respectful of your ghostly or piratical guides, trust us, you don't want to make them mad.​

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