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Meet the Cast

Our outstanding staff of actors and entertainers are what makes Escape Savannah special. These games are an immersive theatrical experience! 

The Ghost Hosts


Moldy Margaret

To Billy she would soon be wed until an anvil to the head turned Margaret into a ghost and killed what Billy loved most

They say Billy had one regret and that's outliving Margaret

-Laura "LED" DOuglass

Flora Bloodworth

Meet a young lass by the name of Flora. Victorian style had always bored her.

So rather than waste away in 1891

She decided to become A vampire with life unending and see the dawn of interwebbing

-Laura "LED" Douglass 

Queen of Right Now 

She began her journey as a haughty lacemaker. She made her way to the Throne of the Right Now Castle after many twists of fate, one of which involved a brutish bottle of rum and a haunted pair of secen-league boots

-Becca Cook


Rocco Granny Ghost

Once a prominent member of society in Savannah, heiress to a sea faring fortune. She was murdered by pirates for her gold and now drags the living into her dimension while singing opera. 

-Dame Darcy



A younge witch who died of yellow fever in 1802. She was 666th victim in the Savannah yellow fever outbreak

-Ashley Crew

Red Widow

Red Widow murdered her cheating husband. She was hung for her crime and spends her afterlife taking out her vengeance on the living and creating more widows.

-Katherine Bartlett


The Pirate Crew

This bar wench makes a mighty brew, but watch your manners or its the dagger for you!

-Laura "LED" Douglass 


"Rusted Dagger" Cartwright

Josephine The Butcher

Josephine's her Christian name but "The Butcher" fits her just the same. You see she's killed a thousand men and still she lives to kill again.

-Laura "LED" Douglass 


"Treasure Chest" Flint

The treasure of Bottle Inlet. This Pirate Lass be a priceless catch with a heart of gold and teeth to match.

-Becca Cook 

Quarter Master Banes

She cracks the whip at deckhands upon the pirate ship Charon. Undoubtedly one of the most grueling yet charming pirates to have sailed the seas.

-Ashley Crew

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